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BRMUA Client Microblading Consent


This form is designed to give information needed to make an informed choice of whether or not to undergo a permanent cosmetics application. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Although permanent cosmetic tattooing is effective in most cases, no guarantee can be made that a specific client will benefit from the procedure. This is the process of inserting pigment into the basil/dermal layer of the skin and is a form of tattooing. All instruments that enter the skin or come in contact with body fluids are sealed a sterilized before use and disposed of after use. Cross contamination guidelines are strictly adhered to. Generally, the results are excellent. However, a perfect result is not a realistic expectation. It is usual to expect a touch-up after the healing is completed. Initially the color will appear much more vibrant or darker compared to the end result. Usually within 5-7 days the color will fade 10-50%, soften and look more natural. The pigment is semi-permanent so it will fade somewhat over time and will likely need to be touched-up through the years.  Each individual's lifestyle and skin makeup will depend on the level of retention.


Our company requires “Before” and “After” photos/videos be taken and kept on file. We would like your permission to use these photos/videos for advertising. For example, in portfolios, online and in print ads, etc. Your consent is necessary regarding this.


Pain: There can be pain even after a topical anesthetic has been used. Anesthetics work better on some people than others.  Infection: Infection is very unusual. The areas treated must be kept clean & only freshly cleaned hands should touch the areas. Makeup and certain face washes must be avoided for at least 14 days to ensure retention has it’s best shot. See “After Care” sheet for more detailed instructions on care.  Uneven Pigmentation: This can result from poor healing, infection, bleeding, wearing makeup before you are cleared, or many other causes. Your follow up appointment will likely correct any uneven appearance.  Asymmetry: Every effort will be made to avoid asymmetry but our faces are not symmetrical so adjustments may be needed during the follow up session to correct any unevenness.  Excessive Swelling or Bruising: Some people bruise and swell more than others. Ice packs may help and the bruising and swelling typically disappears with 1-5 days. Some people don’t bruise or swell at all.  Eye Exposure: There is small risk of eye injury when an eyeliner procedure is performed. To avoid corneal abrasion, Celluvisc, a thick eye drop is used to protect the eye prior to the procedure. Eye drops are used to cleanse and flush the eye after the procedure is complete.  Anesthesia: Topical anesthetics can be used to numb the area to be tattooed. Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine and Epinephrine in a cream or gel form are typically used. If you choose a numbing agent you must purchase ahead of time and inform the tech so she can guide you on proper use and testing to ensure your not allergic.  MRI: Because pigments used in permanent cosmetic procedures contain inert oxides, a low level magnet may be required if you need to be scanned by an MRI machine. You must inform your technician of any tattoos or permanent cosmetics.  Fever Blisters: If you are prone to cold sores or fever blisters, (herpes simplex), there is a high probability that you will get them. It is advised that you call your doctor for a prescription antiviral to help prevent this from occurring.  Allergic Reaction: There is a small possibility of an allergic reaction. You may take a 5-7 days patch test to determine this.

The alternative to these possibilities is to use cosmetics and not undergo the Permanent Cosmetics procedure. Consent and release for procedures performed:


Please read and initial all lines

_____ Aftercare instructions have been explained to me and a written copy will be given to me to retain in my possession, which I will follow to the best of my ability. If I have questions I will call or email you.

_____ I understand that a certain amount of discomfort is associated with this procedure and that swelling, redness and bruising may occur.

_____ I understand that makeup, sun, tanning beds, pools, some skin care products and medications can affect my permanent makeup healing and retention.

_____ I will tell all skin care professionals or medical personnel about my permanent makeup procedures, especially if I’m schedule for an MRI.

_____ I accept the responsibility to explain to you my desire for specific colors, shape and position for any procedure done today.

_____ I understand that implanted pigment color can slightly change or fade over time due to circumstances beyond BRMUA’s control (horomonal changes, chemical peels, sun exposire, makeup, heavy cleansers, etc)  and I will need to maintain the color with future applications and touch up sessions within 45 days.

_____ I acknowledge that the proposed procedure(s) involve risks inherent in the procedure and have possibilities of complications during and/or following the procedures such as: infections, misplaced pigment, poor color retention and hyperpigmentation.

_____ I have been quoted the cost of today’s appointment. No touch ups are included. After 60 without your touch up a fee will apply and there will be no refunds.

_____ I accept full responsibility and release all liability- for the decision to have this cosmetic tattoo work done. I certify that I have read or have had read to me the contents of this form. I understand the risks and alternatives involved in this procedure(s) and I have had the opportunity to ask questions and all of my questions have been answered. I acknowledge that I have reviewed and approved the material given to me and I authorize ___Brittany Renee ___, as my permanent cosmetics technician to perform on my body the following procedures. Microblading.


After care is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result.  Keep the area clean by washing with freshly washed hands and water every hour on the hour following your procedure for 24 hours. Do not use a washcloth or sponge to wipe. Simply splash /pat with water. Do not use cleansing creams, acne cleansers or astringents. Use a mild, natural soap. After 4 days you may apply aftercare balm you purchase (aloe vera or natural tattoo healing balm) with freshly washed hands or a Q-tip. Use the balm very sparingly. Too little is better than too much. Blot off excess with a clean tissue. Never touch the procedure area without washing your hands immediately before. Do not scrub, rub or pick at the epithelial crust that forms. Allow it to flake off by itself. If it is removed before it is ready the pigment underneath it can be pulled out.  Do not use any makeup near the procedure area including mascara for eyeliner procedures for at least 3 days. Purchase new mascara and makeup if possible to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.  Always use a sun block after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading.

What’s Normal?  Swelling, itching, scabbing, light bruising and dry tightness. Ice packs are a nice relief for swelling and bruising. Aftercare balm is nice for scabbing and tightness.  Too dark and slightly uneven appearance. After 2-7 days the darkness will fade and once swelling dissipates unevenness usually disappears. If they are too dark or still a bit uneven after 4 weeks then we will make adjustments during the touch up appointment.  Color change or color loss. As the procedure area heals the color will lighten and sometimes seem to disappear. This can all be addressed during the touch up appointment and is why the touch up necessary. The procedure area has to be completely healed before we can address any concerns. This takes at least four weeks.  Needing a touch up months or years later is normal. After your first session you definitely need one touch up, most clients need 2-4 touch ups to have the best long term retention. A touch up may be needed 1 year after the initial procedure depending on your skin, medications and sun exposure. We recommend a touch up 30 days after the first session yet no longer than 45 days, repetition of touch ups may be more depending on the individual to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Touch up sessions after 45 days will be $275 or current touch up rate at time of touch up. Failure to follow after care instructions may result in infections, pigment loss or discoloration. When the ink starts to fade it will appear more powdered and less crisp.

Do you presently have or previously had any of the following: (Circle YES or NO)

YES NO Keloid Scar (raised or deep white or pink scar)

YES NO Botox

YES NO Diabetes

YES NO Lip Fillers/Restylane/Juvederm

YES NO Cold Sores/Fever Blisters ever?

YES NO Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)

YES NO Hepatitis (A, B, C, D)

YES NO Brow lift

YES NO Easy bleeding

YES NO Face lift

YES NO Alcoholism

YES NO Eye surgery/injury/Corneal abrasion

YES NO Abnormal Heart Condition

YES NO Contact Lenses now

YES NO Chemical Peel (last treatment ______________________________)

YES NO Chemotherapy (last treatment ______________________________)

YES NO Pregnant now/Breast feeding now

YES NO Brow or Lash tinting

YES NO Oily Skin

YES NO Accutane or acne treatment  (last treatment ______________________________)

YES NO Tan by booth or sun

YES NO Difficulty numbing with dental work

YES NO Taking blood thinners such as: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, alcohol, Coumadin, etc. _________________________________________________

YES NO Allergic reaction to any medications such as Lidocaine, Benzyl alcohol, Vitamin E Acetate, etc. LIST ______________________________________________________________________

YES NO Allergies to metal, food, etc. LIST ______________________________________________________________________

YES NO Any diseases or disorders not listed? LIST ______________________________________________________________________

YES NO Do you use skin care products containing Retin-A, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl? Please list medications or vitamins you are presently taking: ____________________________________________________________________________


Before your treatment Prior to your permanent cosmetic enhancement think about the look that you wish to achieve. As experts in the field of color analysis and makeovers, we ensure that the correct colors and styles are chosen for you, however you are part of the decision making process. Permanent cosmetic enhancements normally require multiple application sessions. To achieve the best results, you will be required to return for at least one control procedure four to six weeks after the initial application. Be prepared for the color intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. This will subside and become softer as the skin heals. This process can take up to fourteen days. -Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red, you are advised not to make social plans on the day of your enhancement.-Please wear your normal make-up to your enhancement appointment.-Do not take aspirin or Ibuprofen 2 days prior to and after your enhancement.-A sensitivity test will be performed unless waived upon request.-Do not use Retin-A skincare products close to the enhancement area 2 weeks prior to and after your procedure.-As with electrolysis the National Blood Service does not accept donations of blood for 1 year after a permanent cosmetic enhancement Eyebrow Enhancement -Waxing treatments should be performed no less than 3 days prior to your enhancement. -IPL laser hair removal should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your enhancement. -Electrolysis treatments should be performed no less than 5 days prior to your enhancement. -Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for 4 weeks after your enhancement. After your treatment The area treated may show redness and swelling and that the color looks dark and intense—this is quite normal. Additional treatments cannot be undertaken until the area has completely healed. A 4/6 weeks healing time is required before any more work can be undertaken. In order to let your brows heal well, avoid water on the brow area; make up to the brow area, the gym, sauna or pool for 7-14 days. Once the area has healed completely, approximately one week, consider using a waterproof total sunblock when going out in the sun to stop the color fading. Strong chemicals or glycolic acid/peels of any kind may cause the pigment to lighten. Always telephone and check with your consultant if in any doubt. Do not pick or pull at the treated area, as it will result in pigment loss.

You will go through three healing phases: 1-healing, 2-peeling, and 3- fading. You may notice whiteness or blanching around the area, this is quite normal and will subside within 12 hours. If you find any lymphatic fluid or blood seeping you can gently clean the area with saline, cool boiled water and gauze, blotting gently dry to remove any moisture. With clean hands and cotton pad apply a fine layer of aftercare balm to the treated area. Repeat this procedure up to 3 times a day if the area feels tight. After the fine scabbing has sloughed away you will see a different hue to the color implanted.  Giving Blood- The Red Cross has suggested that you do not give blood for 6 months following treatment.  MRI Scans- This procedure shows up as an artifact on the scan. Some clients may experience a tingling sensation. Please notify your radiologist.  Injectable- Dermal fillers and Botox can alter the shape of the eyebrows. The client should be advised that injectables should be carried out 4 weeks after a Microblading procedure and not prior.  Laser/Pulsed Light- Laser or pulsed light hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments can cause color change. It is important to advise the therapist that you have had Microblading procedure, as this cannot be rectified with another Microblading procedure.  Color Refreshing- To keep your new brows looking at there best, it is recommended that you have a color refresh procedure every 12-18 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you certified? Yes, I am Certified Permanent Makeup Artist. 2. What is 3D Eyebrow Microblading? It is a semi-permanent makeup method; the technique is natural feathering of hair-like strokes directly on the skin’s surface that creates natural looking eyebrows. 3D Eyebrow Microblading creates the background and fills in the areas of the eyebrows that looked empty so that a full and complete look is accomplished. The “3D” effect added realism to the end result. Unlike a traditional eyebrow tattoo, 3D Eyebrow Microblading does not leave a flat, dull and fake look that tattoos leave behind an is a MUCH SAFER treatment. The 3D Eyebrow Microblading method can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow, which makes it the perfect procedure for Men and Women. 3. Does it hurt? We get mixed reviews on pain. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity so topical anesthetics can be applied before the treatment to alleviate some sensation or discomfort. Some clients naturally feel one brow sorer than the other. You will hear a scratch noise/ sensation throughout. Music is usually played during the procedure; however feel free to bring your own earphones and music to distract you. 4. Is it safe? Absolutely. Sterilized, disposable needles and supplies are used during the process. 5. Will I be swollen? You will not be swollen. You might have slightly red skin around the eyebrows, but this would last no more than 2 hours.  Will I need a touch up? YES!  Within a week of your first treatment the color will fade significantly and over the next four to six weeks can continue to fade as much as 70%. This is considered an extremely positive occurrence as it allows you time to reflect on your shape and color. After this period your follow-up appointment is carried out. At this point any changes you would like to make are discussed. 7. How often do I need a touch up? In order to keep your eyebrows tattoo results looking fresh, we recommend a touch up every year. 8. How long does it last? After your final touch up,  It will last as long as it’s maintained. Untouched, the ink will last up to 1 years. 9. Why do I need a touch up if this is semi-permanent? Because color is implanted in the facial area there tends to be more fluid circulation than other parts of the body. Your face sees the most wear of any piece of you—exposure to the sun, food, facial products—the list goes on and on. All of these things cause permanent color to fade; this is why you need a touch up. 10. How long does it take? The procedure takes roughly about one- two hours, sometimes more sometimes less. Please allow a solid 2 hour window for your appointment. I likely will not need that much time, but this isn’t something I want to rush. 11. Do I need to take a day of work? No. There’s no downtime associated with the treatment. Redness and swelling will dissipate within an hour after. Your brows will appear darker initially, but not so dark that you will be prevented from your activities of daily living. 12. How long does it take to heal? Healing time varies from individual to individual. Usually, it takes about a week to ten days for the epithelial crust to form and slough off. Your skin will be considered healed after that happens. Then, the pigment takes some time to settle into the skin. A good month should pass before I consider the process complete. 13. What’s the process like? Eyebrows tattoo is a two-four step treatment, consisting of an initial procedure and then touch ups each spaced between 4 to 6 weeks after. After taking your before photo, I will draw the brow design in pencil so you will get an idea of the shape and form. (Please note that nobody’s face is totally symmetrical and you need to be realistic with your expectations. There is no point in trying to make the eyebrows identical or match a photo of your favorite celebrities’ eyebrows if your face shape looks nothing like theirs.) Once we have agreed on a final shape (ultimately it is your decision—but I will always voice my opinion on what I think suits you aesthetically), I will shape your eyebrows then we will decide on the color. During healing, it’s normal to experience some pigment loss; this is why we have the touch up in place. 13. What can I NOT do after the procedure? You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry—that means no swimming, sweating or otherwise getting the area wet; no tanning or prolonged sun exposure; no picking, peeling, scratching or rubbing the tattoo, this may result in a loss of color and scarring. You can still wash your hair and face once they are healed. 14.How do I extend the life of the procedure? Your beautiful eyebrows will last longer if you apply sun block often and avoid abrasive facial treatments in the brow area. 15.How many colors do you have? Of the  main colors I use, I can blend several to achieve even more shades to suit the client. ALL clients who have had the procedure done will be conscious they have brows that are very obvious, however please bear in mind, the skin has been broken to allow the pigment settle, and healing has yet to take place. This is why I ask you to bring your eyebrow pencil (if you use one) with you at the appointment—so I can match the pigment to the desired HEALED RESULT, which emerges after the crusts naturally fall off and the skin gently exfoliates naturally itself to reveal the new brow. Clients, who are used to having no brows for a long time, can find this few weeks challenging. I usually advise clients who have no brows to start wearing pencil or brow shading for some time before the process so they get used to having a brow! 16. Do you have to shave off my own eyebrows? No. Every attempt is made to retain all natural hair and integrate it into the design of the permanent eyebrows. In some cases, where shaping of the natural brow is required, a few hairs here and there may need to be removed to create a clean and aesthetically pleasing result. 17.I have heard some clients just do not retain pigment even after a few visits. Could this happen? Yes, it does happen and yes it’s true! A third appointment is often set up so that the client has the opportunity to return and I get the chance to review the work and sort out any (if any) tweaks that might need to be done. Often times the clients cancel this appointment as all is usually well, however there are the occasional few that may need one or two extra strokes to finish off the look. Some ladies skin may react to the trauma of the tattooing, and the skin may try to push out the foreign body of pigment by producing an extreme scab, so they eventually fall off taking all the pigment with it. There is a condition called Pigment Allergy (PPD Allergy, a condition known by dermatologists) or Autoimmune disease symptoms (the client may not even be aware of it). The skin would have overreacted and become super sensitive to the pigment and reject it at any cost. 18.Can you guarantee your work? Unfortunately, I can’t. How the skin will react is different for everyone and many factors are to be taken into consideration. Skin type, age, scarring, diet, stress levels, facial products used, etc. all play a key role in how the pigment will hold, which is why it is important to know that more than one touch up may be required. I can guarantee that your face is important to me and that I will act in accordance with my experience and expertise to give you my absolute best. I can guarantee that I will strive to make you gratified and content every time. But there are no guarantees in this industry. Please think long and hard before you decide to go for it. 19. What if I do not like it? Although Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent, the procedure does allow flexibility for color or shape change to some extent. However, I will work closely with you to endure that you are satisfied with the proposed technique. I will allow you to have as much control over the procedure as possible, so there is very little room for error. If you do not like the decision you made, the Touch Up can be cancelled and the pigmented area naturally fades away over time. If you are not 100% sure you would benefit from this procedure, please opt for a more temporary option.


$275 Initial Session

$100 Touch Up
(Prices are subject to change without prior notice.) Please read through the before and aftercare pages before setting your consultation appointment to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for permanent makeup. Please do not bring children or pets to your appointments, if client does not cancel 24 hours  prior to the appointment time or does not show up, 100% fee will be charged.


Do not work out the day of the procedure. -Do not tan or have sunburned face. -Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oils or Ibuprofen or Drink alcohol 24 hours before procedure. -No alcohol or caffeine on the day of the procedure. -No waxing or tinting 3 days before. -Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.


-No water, cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for 10 days. -4-5 hours after the procedure clean the area with sterile water and cotton pad, gauze or Q-tip and allow to air dry. -DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring. -Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 3-4 weeks after procedure. -Avoid heavy sweating for the first 10 days. -NO facials, Botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks. -Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days. PLEASE NOTE: EYEBROWS WILL APPEAR DARKER AND BOLDER DUE TO NATURAL SCABBING AND HEALING FOR THE FIRST 10 DAYS. THIS IS VERY COMMON FOR ALL PERMANENT COSMETIC PROCEDURES. Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have: -Keloid Scarring, Pregnant or nursing -Diabetic -Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor) -Viral infections and/or diseases -A Pacemaker or major heart problems -Had a organ transplant -Skin irritations near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) -Sick (cold, flu, etc.) -Had Botox in the past 2 months -Used Accutane in the past year.

For any additional questions or concerns please call or message us!

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